Raw Foods: Which foods should we eat in a raw form

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Which food items are healthy to be eaten raw

There are certain food items which are healthy only if consumed in raw form.

Raw foods: When it comes to stay healthy, your diet plays a major role. What we eat, should always be taken care of, if you want to stay fit. Besides this, what is more important is how we are eating the food. Many studies reveal that processing food like cooking, blending, mashing etc. make the food lose its nutritional value. There are some food items which lose their nutrition and become toxic when cooked. Thus, it is better to eat those food items in a raw form only. It prevents you from intaking excess calories and also provides you with nutrition. Let’s discuss which food items should we consume n a raw form. (Also read: Raw Foods: Which foods must not be consumed in a raw form)

Raw foods: Which foods should not be cooked and must be consumed in a raw form?

  • Nuts
  • Onions
  • Red capsicum
  • Coconut


Which food items should be eaten raw
One must eat nuts in a raw form to stay healthy.

You must have a liking towards roasted dry fruits and nuts. But it is always good to eat them in a raw form. Cooking or roasting nuts decrease their nutritional value and become toxic.


Which food must be consumed in a raw form
Eating onion in raw form is good for the body, otherwise, it becomes toxic while cooking.

Onions contain sulphur compounds and antioxidants. Eating raw onion helps to keep the lungs healthy and it even keeps the teeth strong.

Red capsicum
Red capsicum has vitamin C in a great amount. Cooking it often turns down the level of vitamin C present in it. It even reduces the number of other nutrients present in red bell peppers. Thus, one must eat it in raw form and in salads.

Many people like to eat coconut chutney and sweets made up of coconut. But the amount of nutrition we get by eating raw coconut can’t be matched up by cooking it. Eating raw coconut and drinking its water helps to keep the body well-hydrated. It contains electrolytes, sodium, magnesium and potassium.

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These are some of the best food items which one must eat in a raw form. You can read this article in Hindi too.

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