What are the probable reasons for unexpected bruises on your skin

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What are the probable reasons for unexpected bruises on your skin

Getting a bruise mark on the skin after an injury or wound is acceptable. It may occur on any part of the skin and also disappear as the pain settles and the wound fades off. But sometimes there is no reason for the appearance of these bruises on the skin. This is a matter of great concern. One must not ignore if you constantly come across bruises on various parts of your body. The deficiency of certain vitamins in the body might lead to bruises on the skin. You should consult your doctor immediately to know the reasons for bruises on the skin and get an immediate solution for the same. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of clapping)

What are the probable reasons for unexpected bruises on your skin?

Deficiency of vitamin: When there is lack of certain vitamins in the body, it often leads to blood clotting. Thus this eventually causes bruises on the skin. Deficiency of vitamin C causes the problem of scurvy in the body, which eventually causes bruises on the skin. Therefore, one must consume an adequate amount of vitamin C, to get rid of the problem of bruises on the skin.

Bleeding disorder: When you undergo a problem of frequent bruises on your skin along with the excessive bleeding during any surgery or the menstrual period, is known as a bleeding disorder. This is also known as Von Willebrand Disease. Under this, an appearance of bruises is a common phenomenon. (Also read: How does inflammation make you look older than your age)

Intensive exercise: Too much exercise leads to a great pressure on the blood vessels. It eventually leads to a lot of stress on various parts of the body. This causes a lot of bruises on the body one after another.

Diabetes: If you are a diabetic patient then you will see the frequent bruises on your skin. It affects the various blood vessels and leads to the problem of Peripheral vascular disease. The appearance of these bruises, frequent urination, loss of weight, feeling of nausea are often characterised by high diabetes. (Also read: Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about)

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