What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast

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What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast

The foremost task of the heart is to pump and it is nows as the heartbeat. When the heart pumps it provides blood rich in oxygen, to the various parts of the body. This provides strength to our body organs to perform various functions. Normally, a healthy heart beats at a rate of 60 to 100 times. Fluctuation in the heartbeat is a matter of concern. If the heart beats faster than the normal rate, then people often mistake it as heart stroke. But it is not always the same. There are many reasons behind the increase in the pace of the heartbeat. Let’s discuss the probable reasons for the same. (Also read: What are the various signs that you have low blood sugar level)

What are the probable reasons that our heart is beating fast?

You are stressed out: When you are in a situation that gives you stress your nervous system and adrenal glands releases norepinephrine, which is also known as adrenaline. Thus the receptors in the heart reciprocate these hormones and the heartbeat grows faster.

Fever or common cold: If you have a high fever, common cold, coughing, sneezing etc, then the heart beats faster than normal. In order to fight the infection in the body, the heart has to work harder and thus the heartbeats grow. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of consuming tulsi on empty stomach)

Consumption of caffeine: Sometimes there are many other factors that lead to the increase in heartbeat. Caffeine can be one of those reasons. It might be that you have consumed a high amount of caffeine recently. It paces up the nervous system and eventually boosts the heartbeat rate.

Panic attack: The panic attack can also be the reason behind the excessive boost in the heartbeat. It is followed by shivering of the body, sweating, confusion, shortness of breath.

The problem of anaemia: Iron causes the problem of anaemia in the body. Because of which the body is unable to make a sufficient number of red blood cells. Those who are suffering from the problem of anaemia, often come across the problem of high heart beat rate. (Also read: What are the various uses of Fitkari Alum)

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