What are the probable reasons for frequent pain in legs

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What are the probable reasons for frequent pain in legs

Walking and jogging are the best exercises that help us to stay healthy and fit. If your legs are paining continuously then you can’t walk properly and can’t do any sort of exercise. There are many reasons for pain in the legs. Sometimes over stress might lead to pain in legs. However, the reasons for frequent pain in legs are different. Stress in leg muscles, sprain in the ankle and pulling of the muscles and nerves. You must not ignore any of these signs as they suggest something serious. You must know the real cause of frequent pain in legs and should look for a solution immediately. (Also read: Some of the best eating habits that help you to live longer and stronger)

What are the probable reasons for frequent pain in legs?

Increase in body weight
When the weight of your body increases, it directly influences the stress and pressure on your legs. If you have recently changed your diet plan or have gained the weight for a reason, then it might be the cause of frequent leg pain. The gain in weight lays a lot of pressure on your legs and feet. While you walk your legs bear two times extra body weight and while you run the pressure increases to 4-5 times of your body weight.

Wearing inappropriate shoes during different exercises
Some people tend to wear the same shoes while they do different exercises. The most common reason for extreme and frequent pain in legs and feet is the wrong selection of shoes for a workout. There are different types of shoes for every exercise we do. Besides this, choosing the right shoes for a workout is extremely necessary to avoid any kind of injury. (Also read: What are the wellness tips that can change your life)

Excess amount of uric acid in the body
The increase in the level of uric acid in the body might lead to pain in the legs. Uric acid is the outcome fluid that is a result of the process of oxidation in the body. It has to be secreted out of the body through urine. The excess of uric acid in the body can lead to the problem of gout.

Diabetes is an auto-immune disease that creates disturbance in the normal blood circulations, causes pain in the nerves, muscles and joints. If you are undergoing an extreme pain in your legs, then you must take a sugar level test.

Standing for long hours
If you stand for long hours, you will definitely come across extreme pain in your legs and feet. It may lead to swelling of feet and stress in the muscles.Thus, avoid standing for a stretched period of time and sit time to time in order to provide some relief to your legs. (Also read: What Are The Surprising Benefits Of Getting A Body Massage)

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