Five principles you should follow while dieting for better results

principles you should follow while dieting for better results

Wheather you want to lose weight or gain weight, dieting plays an important role. Sticking to a diet is the most difficult task. If you want desired results then you have to maintain some principles. The principles will help you to stick to your diet and help you to get the desired results.

Here are the eight principles which you should follow while dieting.


Consuming protein is the vital option. You should keep a tab on your eating plans and eating habits. Consume the adequate amount of protein regularly. Consume one gram protein per pound of body weight to get started. Ensure that your protein is coming from whole foods. Chicken, lean meats, fish, Greek yoghurt, eggs, low-fat cheese and low-fat milk are whole foods. If you want to use supplements then you can use it after the end of your training session.


The majority of people believe that eliminating fat from their diet is the only way to lose weight. The fats are also necessary because it fuels your body during a training session. The fats help in hormone regulation, energy production and inducing satiety. The healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, nut butter and mixed nuts will help you to achieve your goals.

Add Carbs

Healthy carbs give us energy, nutrients and satisfaction. The carbs also prefer as a source of energy source. Although they are not essential they are necessary for many ways for the high-level athlete or gym person that would like to bulk.

Vary Nutrients

Consuming different food is good better for health because as you get complete nutrients by eating a variety of foods. However, the majority of diet plans force you to eat the same thing every day without any variation. It is true some meals are great to consume daily but the variation is also important.

Calorie Count

Most of the people maintain a spreadsheet, file and various apps to count their everyday calorie intake. And they opt for many other ways if they don’t get any proper result. But people lose sight of the big picture as they get so lost in the idea of few things. So, if you are following a diet give it some time to show the proper effect, don’t jump to any conclusion very soon. Don’t go overboard with these things, if you really need to track down your calorie, gram intake then only do it otherwise don’t. If you want the plan to work then allow some fluctuation.

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