Preserve Nutrition: Right way to preserve nutrition in the food while cooking

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How to cook food in a healthy way to keep it nourished

Preserving nutrients: One must cook food in a healthy way to maintain the nutrients.

Preserve Nutrition: Most of the times, even after eating fresh and well-cooked food, we gain no nourishment. Usually, we either overcook the food or keep them raw which is inappropriate to eat. Every food has some different ways to cook and to maintain their nourishment. One must cut the vegetables and fruits in a proper way to keep their nutritional value intact. So before you start cooking, here are some helpful tips for you to maintain the nourishment in the food. Let’s discuss the right ways of cooking to eat healthy and well-nourished food. (Also read: Best Cooking Oil: Which cooking oil helps to keep the heart healthy)

Healthy cooking: How to preserve the nutrition in the food while cooking?

  • Add some fats
  • Keep some raw vegetables
  • Add some water while cooking
  • Mix some citrus to the food
  • Eat fresh

Add some fats

How to maintain nutrition to the food while cooking
Preserve nutrition: Adding some fats to the food while cooking add taste to the food.

Boiled or steamed vegetables are always considered healthy. Adding some amount of fat to the steamed vegetables help to boost the nutritional value of the food. Fats help the body to absorb the nutrition from the food easily. It even helps to make the food taste better.

Keep some raw vegetables

Ways to cook healthy to maintain nutrition in the food
Preserving nutrition: One must add some raw veggies while cooking the food.

Eating raw vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale etc. are healthy for the body. They are enriched enzymes called myrosinase which helps to prevent the bacterial and fungal infection. If we cook these foods, the enzymes get destroyed.

Add some water while cooking
Do not boil the vegetables too much by adding excess water. It washes off the nutrients from the food. Add a little water to preserve the nutrients in the vegetables.

Mix some citrus to the food
Some vegetables like broccoli, spinach etc. are rich in iron. Adding vitamin C or citrus rich fruits while cooking them, can help in the better absorption of the iron. Lime, lemon, orange etc. help to absorb the nutrients in the body.

Eat fresh
One must eat freshly cooked food instead of storing it for long and then consume it. Stale food loses the nutrients and is unfit to consume. So, eat as soon as you cook the food,

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These are some of the best ways to cook the food in a healthy way to maintain the nourishment of the food. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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