Premature ageing: Eating habits that make you age faster

Eating habits that make you age faster

Eating habits cause premature ageing

Eating habits cause premature ageing:  Everyone wants to remain youthful for a really long time. Ageing is one thing that people try to avoid as much as they can. The obsession to look young and to avoid ageing leads to an elaborate search for best creams, lotions etc to look young. However, there are certain things that actually impact your look and make you appear aged even before your rightful age. One of such things is your eating habits. Basically, from what you eat to how you eat, your skin reacts to it. There are few eating habits that can lead to signs of ageing on your face. (Also read: What are the superfoods to stop the premature ageing)

Foods That Make You Look Older

  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Having fast food or junk food all the time
  • Excessive carbohydrate intake
  • Drinking too much coffee
  • Excessive salt intake

Excessive sugar intake
There are many people who love the sweet taste the most. However, they don’t know that excessive sugar intake leads to the onset of glycation. That means excess sugar molecules combine with proteins which leads to glycation end products. These products harm the collagen in the skin and lead to ageing. (Also read: Anti-ageing: Habits that slows down the process of ageing and helps to live longer)

Having fast food or junk food all the time

Eating habits that lead to premature ageing
Eating habits that lead to premature ageing: Having junk food all the time

Everyone knows that no good ever comes out of having the junk food. The junk food is full of trans fat, this transfat leads to inflammation. The constant inflammation affects your skin in the worst possible manner. It leads to early signs of ageing, (Also read: Which herbs help to delay symptoms of ageing)

Excessive carbohydrate intake
Carbohydrate intake is important to maintain the health of the body, but too much of it is actually harmful. It has the same impact as that of excessive sugar. It also leads to the onset of glycation which leads to ageing.  (Also read: How Anti-aging oil helps to keep the skin youthful)

Drinking too much coffee
Coffee, in a limited amount, is good for you but when you have it too much every day then it dehydrates the skin. This leads to premature ageing of the skin. (Also read: Ten Best Anti-Aging Superfoods)

Excessive salt intake

Eating habits that can make you look older
Too much salt can make you look older

Salt intake beyond a normal amount leads to water retention in the body and causes puffiness.

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So, make sure you watch out for these habits to prevent the ageing early. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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