What are the popular myth about sleep that you should know

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popular myth sleep know

It is very necessary to get enough sleep to reduce the levels of stress, depression, fatigue of the day, and for a fresh start in the morning. When you do not get adequate sleep, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and stroke can occur. It is believed that incorrect information is more dangerous it is more dangerous than ignorance. There are many types of myths that are usually aired about sleeping. You can get good sleep if you get factual information about the myths. The below mentioned are common myths about sleeping and their truths. (Also read: How insomnia affects your body in various ways)

Myth: Snoring is common and there is no danger in it.

popular myth sleep knowTrue: Sometimes snoring can be a common thing, but snoring every day is a sign of sleep disorder called sleep apnea. When there is trouble in breathing while sleeping it causes snoring. This reduces the level of oxygen in the blood, causing cardiovascular system to get worse. This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. So you should consult a doctor.

Myth: You can sleep less sometimes.

True: You can cheat your sleep, but the lack of sleep is always harmful to you. There can be many problems like obesity, hypertension and mood. So never sleep less than 7-8 hours. (Also read: Foods that you think are unhealthy but are actually good for you)

Myth: If you are sleeping while driving, open the window of the car or listen to the songs it is okay.

True: It is dangerous to do so. Doing this will not reduce your sleep or lead to lethargy, but if you sleep in cold wind, it affects your health. Therefore, take a nap of 30 minutes or drink tea or coffee.

Myth: There is no harm feeling sleeping during the daytime.

Truth: Do not ignore the impact of sleeping in the daytime. A lot of sleep during the day is the symptoms of the sleeping disorder, called narcolepsy. In this case, you should consult a doctor. (Also read: How oversleeping affects your body in a negative way)

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