Phone addiction: Effective ways to get rid of your addiction for smartphones

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What are the ways to get rid of smartphone addiction

Addiction to phone is bad for physical and mental health, one must try to get rid of smartphone addiction.

Phone addiction: Addiction to mobile phones is the biggest social evil these days. People live more in the social media world than living their real life or the present life. This is one of the biggest culprits of many mental health issues, broken relationships and disturbed family. Scrolling the fingers through the phone is the only physical work any person does willingly. It is grabbing our ability to think and be creative in life. The mobile phone or smartphone was invented to make the things accessible and improve communication. However, it has been proving itself as the root of maximum problems. There are some tricks which will help you to get rid of your addiction. (Also read: Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe)

Smartphone addiction: How to do get rid of the mobile phone addiction?

  • Delete the most addictive applications
  • Go on social media detox
  • Keep your phone away
  • Spend time with family
  • Don’t take your phone to your bed

Delete the most addictive applications
We all have one or more favourite applications on our phone. Even if we do not get any notification, we keep on using them just to pass our time. The best way to get rid of your smartphone addiction is to delete those applications. (Also read: What are the signals that show you have got addiction to smartphones)

Go on social media detox

Social media detox is the best way to get rid of your mobile phone. Try to live a serene and peaceful life away from the buzz of social networking. Delete your social media handles or temporarily deactivate them. This will help you to stay away from your phone. (Also read: How can deleting all social media applications help you mentally)

Keep your phone away

Best ways to get rid of phone addiction
One must keep the phone away to get rid of your phone addiction.

Try to keep your phone away from yourself for some time even in the day. Put inside your drawer or your cupboard and use it only when you need the most. Don’t just scroll through it because you are getting bored. (Also read: How to get rid of your social media addiction)

Spend time with family
Because of our mobile phones, we miss living in the moment with our family. SO, make a rule to devote time to your family more and not using your phone during that time. Don’t even click pictures or take selfies at that time, this disrupts the presence of mind in the current moment.

Don’t take your phone to your bed

Ways to get rid of smartphone addiction
One must never take the smartphone to the bed to get rid of phone addiction.

This is the basic rule we all must follow otherwise too. Never take your mobile phone to your bed. It not only hampers your sleep but also affects your skin in the worst way possible. Keep your phone away on your study table or almirah to avoid catching your attention in the middle of the night.

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These are some of the ways which will help you to get rid of your mobile phone addiction. Try them out and see the difference. If nothing works, start keeping a normal mobile phone and give up your smartphone for some time. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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