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Why Eating Food With Hands Is Good

Why Eating Food With Hands Is Good

Eating food with hands is actually healthy as it provides many health benefits. The use of hands while eating food make us ‘feel the food’ we are about to eat while connecting our mind, body and soul.

How To Get A Healthy And Happy Ageing

Tips for staying happy and healthy as you age

Ageing brings depression, weakness, anxiety and a lot of physical and mental disabilities. But If you decide, you can enjoy your ageing without being mentally ill and upset. Ageing is a beautiful thing and everybody ages with time.

Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health

Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health

Diet soda contains a lesser amount of calories what a normal soft drink has. Does this mean diet soda is good for our health? Can you rely on it if you are following a diet plan? Let us find out how helpful or harmful it is for us.

What Is The Right Time To Eat Fruits

What Is The Right Time To Eat Fruits

Fruit is beneficial for our health. But eating food before and after eating meals you may have many physical and stomach related problems. Because there is a right time to eat fruits and obviously in a particular.

What Are The Multipurpose Use Of Lemon Peels

What Are The Multipurpose Usage Of Lemon Peels

We all are well aware of the benefits of the lemon juice. But few of us know about the helpfulness of lemon peels. The peel of a lemon contains a broad range of vitamins, minerals and fibre which are the superior nutritional boost. Even, lemon peels are more nutritional than the lemon juice.

health benefits sleeping naked

Five Health benefits of sleeping naked

If you do not get an adequate amount of sleep this may lead to many health problems. However, you can get extra benefits of sleeping, if you sleep without wearing clothes.

sleeping stomach right wrong

Sleeping on the stomach is right or wrong

We are in the most comfortable condition while sleeping but some people sleep on the stomach. It affects their health significantly. They should take some precautions while sleeping on the stomach.

What are the side effects of drinking excess water

What are the side effects of drinking excess water

Excess water consumption can lead to various health issues. One should limit the consumption of water according to the need of the body. On an average, a normal human body should consume around 2-3 litres of water or around 10-12 glasses of water.