Oral Hygiene: Why Drinking Water Is The Best Teeth Therapy

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Oral Hygiene, why water is good for your teeth

Water is existential for our oral hygiene.

Oral Hygiene is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. You may have a healthy body, but if your oral health is not well, you will gradually face a problem with your teeth which will give you a lustreless smile. You must know our body is made of 60% of water. So, the body uses this water for enormous functions like body temperature, detoxification, distributing energy and eliminating wastes. So, drinking a lot of water first give us healthy teeth. You may not know but drinking water cleans your mouth the best. Nothing better can help you to provide healthy teeth like water. So, have a look at the following and know how water can regular our oral hygiene. Have a look. (Also Read: What Are The Do’s And Don’ts To Prevent Bad Breath)

Why Drinking Water Is The Best Teeth Therapy?

  • Strengthens your teeth
  • Cleans your mouth
  • Prevents mouth dryness
  • A healthy sugar-free drink

Strengthens your teeth:
Water serves the best when it comes to oral care. It contains fluoride which is a cavity fighter. So, the more water your mouth gets the clearer teeth you get. Water can prevent tooth decay in adults and children also. (Also Read: Four Superfoods For Healthy Teeth)

Cleans your mouth:
Water flushes out all the harmful components and toxins from your mouth. Whatever you eat, leave an effect on your teeth. These foods invite cavities. So, drinking water can clear these toxins well and keeps your mouth fresh. (Also Read: What Are The Home Remedies For Mouth Ulcers)

Prevents mouth dryness:
Many times you may have experienced a dry mouth suddenly. This happens because of the lack of water in your body. This is one of the common symptoms of dehydration. Moreover, dry mouth can leads to tooth decay as your mouth lacks in saliva. So, drinking water can reduce the risk of mouth ulcers and tooth decay. (Also Read: Home remedies to get rid of mouth dryness)

A healthy sugar-free drink:
Water is extremely beneficial for your teeth and oral hygiene because it is out of any flavour, sugar or preservatives. These things can harm your teeth from its core. Even many citrus fruit drinks also harm your tooth enamel. So, drink water more and have a healthy teeth.

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These are the things which clearly tell you that drinking water can be great as a teeth therapy. Read this article in Hindi also.

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