Why Should You Not Wear Underwear To Bed

Why Should You Not Wear Underwear To Bed

Wearing an underwear gives you comfort. And, why not? It is only the underwear which protects your from hard fibres of your cloth especially with a pair of jeans. A good underwear which is of cotton fabric and comfortable to wear gives you confidence while protecting your genital area. However, it is necessary to take off that soft underwear while you are sleeping. Even your underwear is a comfortable one, for some major health issues, it is important for both men and women to sleep naked from the down area. Therefore, please read through the reasons as to why should you not wear underwear to bed. [Also Read: What Are The Daily Underwear Mistakes Women Are Making]

Let Your Genital Area Breath:

You wear your underwear from right after taking bath to all day long. Your innerwear is undoubtedly body fitted and tight hence, it does not let your skin breath. The breathing of your genital area is extremely important as it is the most sensitive part prone to infections. Thus, taking off the underwear before bed is a wise thing.

Stay Away From Moisture For A While:

When you take off your underwear while sleeping, you cool down the heat produced there. As it is the only part which is always covered, it is moist. Hence, you need to get rid of the moisture to not let the bacteria probe. [Also Read: How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour Easily]

Don’t Let The Male Fertility Hamper:

As your genital area has more heat, wearing it on while sleeping can hinder the quality of your sperm. Moreover, the thrive of bacteria can cause infection which may hamper your male fertility.

Get Away With Vaginal Irritation:

Wearing the same underwear right from morning to night can cause you irritation and itching. You may also lose some drops of pee on your underwear which again comes in contact with your vaginal skin hence, causing vaginal irritation. Thus, females too need to take off the underwear before hitting the bed.

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