Why you should not sleep on an empty stomach

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not sleep empty stomach

Some people believe that skipping dinner is beneficial for there health and helps to keep their weight under control. Especially the people who are trying to lose weight always prefer to sleep on an empty stomach as they believe that this will escalate weight loss process. However, some people also oppose that it should not be done as it has many disadvantages. The contradicts of thoughts triggers confusion among people. It is an important question, whether sleeping on an empty stomach is appropriate or not. It is also important to know the answer as well because it is related to your health. (Also read: What Are The Foods You Should Eat On An Empty Stomach)

Let’s know whether sleeping on an empty stomach is beneficial for health or not.

Disturbance in sleep

Many people do not get sleep on an empty stomach. If they sleep on an empty stomach they feel hungry during the night. The hunger disturbs their sleep whole night. The inadequate sleep also causes stress, headache and fatigue. Moreover, if you do not fall asleep on an empty stomach then you should have dinner.

Eat more in the morning

The skipping of food at the night is a great mistake. If you do not eat food on the night your stomach stays empty for the whole night and your appetite levels also increase. Due to increased appetite, you consume more food as per the requirement and this affects your weight. (Also read: What Are The Easy Ways To Get a Healthy Gut In Winter)

Stomach upset

If you sleep on an empty stomach it will also cause digestive problems. Moreover, also disturbs your sleep. If you do not get adequate sleep then it will also cause other health-related problems. If you don’t get adequate sleep then your body won’t able to recover.

Restless brain

When you fall asleep without eating anything at night, your mind keeps awake and restless. The active brain would not let you sleep. The inadequate sleep reduces your metabolism and increases the level of Ghrelin hormone. This hormone increases your appetite.

Reduces muscles

The skipping food also causes scarcity of energy in your body. The body does not get the energy to function properly. And to function properly our body starts breaking down muscles. This reduces the muscles. If you want to gain muscles then do not skip your food. (Also read: What Are The Everyday Foods That Work As Antiseptics)

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