Why you should never start your day with a cup of tea

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why yous should never have morning tea

Waking up in the morning is a struggle for many. Therefore, many people prefer to start their day with a hot cup of tea. There are all kinds of tea available today, each with its own rich flavour and health benefits. For example, the black tea helps to boost the immunity of the body and improve the metabolism rate. However, despite this, starting your day with a cup of tea is a bad idea for your health. The tea might be a good idea when you already had something beforehand, but tea on an empty stomach is a bad idea. (Also read: What are the various habits that are making you age faster)

The milk in tea leads to the problem of bloating in some people. This happens because of the presence of lactose that has the worst effect on the body when you consume it on empty stomach. It leads to the problem of bloating.

The caffeine present in the tea brings energy to the body. However, when you have tea on an empty stomach you come in direct contact with caffeine which might lead to a feeling of nausea and vomiting.  (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism)

The tea is Diuretic in nature that means it removes the water from the body. When a person wakes up in the morning he or she is already running low on water. So, when you consume tea as the first thing in the morning it makes you further dehydrated. Dehydration leads to various health problems.

Metabolic activity hindrance
When the acidic and alkaline level in the body is disturbed in the body. It leads to the hindrance to metabolic activities. That impacts your health in the worst ways.

Bad for your oral health
When you have tea as the first thing in the morning, then the bacterias in the mouth breaks the sugar. This increases the acidic level in the mouth. It is really bad for your dental health.  (Also read: Foods that you think are unhealthy but are actually good for you)

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