Navratri Special: Why is sendha namak more beneficial than common salt during fasting

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Navratri Special: Why is sendha namak more beneficial than common salt during fasting

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Salt plays a significant role in our daily diet. We all know the importance of salt as it regulates the digestion process in our body. As we all are well aware that Navratra fasts are approaching. It has been believed since ages that one should consume rock salt (sendha namak) during fasting. However, no one has ever told why the consumption of sendha namak is more beneficial than common salt. Relating the consumption of sendha namak with religious beliefs is a myth, instead there are immense benefits of taking rock salt.

Rock salt or commonly known as ‘sendha namak’ is the most natural form of salt. It does not get processed with chemicals to make it consumable. However, on the other hand, common salt or table salt which is also known as kala namak undergoes a lot of chemical processes like anti-caking agent and treatment to purify it. Thus, the natural ingredients present in the salt almost fades away with such heavy process.

Salt helps to regulate the blood pressure in the body. Any deficiency of salt can lead to muscle cramping and lack of iodine in the body. Many nutritionists have suggested consuming rock salt not only during fasts but also in our daily life. It undergoes almost nil chemical process and is pure in its natural form. Table salt or kala namak is fine on the other hand, rock salt is in the form of minute crystal particles. One should consume light food item during Navratri. However, it is believed that sendha namak has cooling properties and thus it helps the body to cool down easily. It has low sodium content and high potassium which helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in the body.

What are the health benefits of rock salt or sendha namak?

  • As already discussed earlier, rock salt has low iodine in it, thus it does not lead to the problem of hypertension, high blood pressure or puffiness of eyes.
  • It does not comprise of any chemicals in it, thus it has been taken as the purest form of salt.
  • Besides this, it is believed that rock salt helps in the proper digestion of food and also helps to treat the gastric problem.
  • Consumption of rock salt or sendha namak helps to aid the process of weight loss. Much to the surprise rock salt helps to remove fat cells from the body and also curbs the food cravings.
  • Rock salt helps in better absorption of minerals by the body. Besides this, it even helps to maintain the pH level in the body.
  • Daily consumption of rock salt or sendha namak, helps in the proper circulation of blood in the body and also removes toxic substances from the body.

However, it should be considered, that instead of consuming rock salt or sendha namak during navratri fasting is not the only aim. One should include sendha namak in their daily diet as well.

Article Reference: Investigation of common Indian edible salts

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