Navratri Special: What should one eat in breakfast during fasts

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Navratri Special: What should one eat in breakfast during fasts

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We are all aware that Navratri fasts are around the corner. The markets are flooded with delicacies that can be consumed during the nine days of fasting. However, all those things are high in calories and are unhygienic too. Why not try something homemade and healthy as well? These nine auspicious days are very important and hold different relevance in each day. During these nine days, not only good luck and prosperity is welcomed by all but people also desire for good health and wellness. With so much festivities going around, we usually ignore our health. Thus eating right and healthy is what we should aim at during the fasting period of nine days.

The list is given below about the different breakfast items one can consume during Navratri:

It is one of the belief not to consume onion and garlic during this period of nine days. Hence, all the meals should be prepared without the use of garlic and onion.

Kuttu Dosa: Kuttu or buckwheat is one of the highly consumed flour doing Navratri. It is usually mixed with singhare ka atta to add some taste to it. Kuttu dosa can be used as a flour to prepare various dishes. It is rich in fibre and has high nutritious values. Thus, consuming this in daily diet during these nine days is good for the digestion of food and feel satiated.

Makhana kheer: Makhana kheer is one of the highly nutritious meal. It is low in fat and is very filling too. Makhana is one of the lightest food product and is extremely good for the body.It is rich in protein, carbohydrate, potassium, zinc etc. and is good to keep you energetic for the entire day.

Kele ke kabab: Banana is one of the highly nutritious fruit. Make some kabab of raw banana and it’s a perfect meal for the breakfast. Banana is anyway a healthy way of snacking. It is rich in potassium and other necessary minerals that keep the heart healthy and strong. It also makes you feel energetic for a longer period of time.

Fruit salad: You can toss your bowl with your favourite fruits. Adding all seasonal fruits in your fruit bowl will give you freshness and required energy throughout the day while you are observing fast. Eating fruits bless the body with necessary nutrients and minerals which will help you through the day. It is a good option if you don’t want to eat something oily or heavy.

Sabutdana khichdi: Sabudana is rich in carbohydrates and starch. It gives the body immense energy and is delicious too. It helps to give you sufficient fulfilment while you are on your fasting period. You can add peanuts, potatoes and some lime juice in it, to treat your taste buds as well.

Nuts and tea:If you don’t want to eat something heavy in the breakfast during your Navratri fasting, then eat a handful of nuts. Nuts are rich in various vitamins, minerals, proteins and are the best option to keep the body healthy and fit. You can accompany it with tea or coffee to feeling refreshed.

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