Navratri Special: Amazing lunch options while you are fasting

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Navratri Special: Amazing lunch options while you are fasting

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For the ones who are observing fasts during these pious days of Navratri, we are here with some amazing lunch options. We all know that controlling the food cravings is a tough task. Well, you don’t have to curb your hunger now. Here are some of the most amazing food options that you can switch to, while you are planning your Navratri meal. People have a misconception that they can only eat limited things during the fasting period. However, to our surprise, we must tell you that there are many dishes and recipes that can be made with the little options we have. With kuttu flour(buckwheat) and Sabudana, one can prepare a full-fledged Navratri vrat thali. So, don’t hesitate for observing fast as there is a list of some amazing mouth-watering food items. (Also read: How to fight the hunger pangs during the Navratri)

Here is the list of food options you can eat while you are observing Navratri fasts:

Sabudana cutlet: Sabudana is one of the highly versatile food products. A lot of food items can be made from the Sabudana. If you are carving to eat something good, then eat Sabudana baked cutlets. Sabudana is the healthiest food choice while you are observing Navratri fast.It is a good source of protein, calcium and iron and can help to curb the hunger. However, if you want you can make Sabudana khichdi or Sabudana kheer as well, to treat your taste buds.

Arbi kofta: Arbi is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and a good amount of fibre. It helps in digestion of food and provides sufficient energy to carry out the activities. People only switch to potatoes while they are observing fast and only intake carbohydrates. However, there are many other healthy options that one can eat without increasing the calorie count. (Also read: Navratri Special: Amazing dinner options to eat during fasts)

Paneer cutlets: We all are well aware of the benefits of cheese(paneer). It has great nutritious value and a healthy option for teh vegetarians too. Making paneer cutlets with buckwheat is actually a great recipe. It helps to keep our hunger satiated for a longer period of time and is easy to make as well.

Sama rice: Well, we all know that grains are a complete ‘No’ during the Navratri fasting. Thus, you can eat Sama rice or Sama kheer. It is not a grain but a seed. It is filling as it is rich in protein. You can combine it with a bowl of curd to get sufficient energy in the body.

Rajgiri flour chapati: Like Kuttu flour(buckwheat), one can also eat chapati made from Rajgiri flour. Crispy chapatis made from Rajgiri flour are a treat to the tongue and are healthy too. It contains vitamin C, potassium and protein which helps to nourish the body. It even helps to feel fuller for a longer period time.

Fruit bowl: If you are dieting and observing fast, then a bowl full of fruits is what you need. Add your favourite fruits like bananas, strawberry, apple, orange, grapes, pomegranate etc. in the fruit bowl and add some sendha namak or rock salt to supply the adequate amount of salt to the body. (Also read: How to prepare yourself for fasting during Navratri)

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