Navratri Special: Amazing dinner options to eat during fasts

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Navratri Special: Amazing dinner options to eat during fasts

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The nine days of Navratri fasts have started. Many of you must be observing fasts for these nine days. During this period, people have very limited options to eat. Eating satvik and pure food is the main aim of the people. While worshipping Goddess Durga, during this period of nine days, a devote with his full dedication moulds himself. People follow strict rules while planning their meals. However, people are only aware of the oily and fried food that they have been consuming since ages. But we do have some healthy options which are not fried and are healthy to eat. In Indian kitchens, there is a lot of experiment that can be done with the food. This goes the same when it comes to fasting. (Also read: Navratri Special: Health benefits of eating Kuttu (buckwheat) during fasts)

Here is the list of some food options to have during Navratri fasts:

Kuttu ka parantha:

Navratri Special: Amazing dinner options to eat during fasts
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Making parantha or chapatti with kuttu flour or Buckwheat is one of the highly opted choices of dinner. People either eat fried poori or chapatti prepared from the same. It is rich in essential nutrients and helps to feel satiated and fuller for a longer period of time.

Kuttu ka dosa: Navratri fasts means a lot of kuttu related dishes. Kuttu flour can be used to make multiple dishes. It is energy giving and is rich in protein. Besides this, it is easy to digest, thus people usually consume kuttu flour during the fasts. Making oil free dosa or less oil dosa can be one of the delicious eating options. (Also read: Navratri Special: What should one eat in breakfast during fasts)

Aloo ki kadhi: A lot can be done with potatoes. Making aloo parantha with buckwheat and eating fried potatoes are some of the options. However, making a curry of potatoes is also a filling dish as there is an enough amount of carbohydrates in them. It will help to feel fuller for a long time and can make a good combo with kuttu parantha and curd.

Samvat rice khichdi: This rice recipe is made form Sama rice(barnyard millet). It is also known as savoury porridge and is high in nutritious value. You can add potatoes and curry leaves to give it taste. It helps to improve the body immunity and helps to feel fuller for longer during the Navratri fast.

Makhana kheer: No dinner is complete without a sweet dish. Makhana kheer is one of the healthiest choices of dessert. Make makhana kheer with low-fat milk and top it with nuts. It is low in fat and rich in proteins. It gives energy to the body to carry out the fast easily.

Singhara Atte ka Halwa: Another option to make a dessert is singhare ke atta ka halwa. Do not make it too sweet. Keep it neutral in sugar content, so that it does not increase the sugar level of your body. Adding milk to the halwa is beneficial to add taste and nutritious value. It’s a good twist to the dinner. (Also read: Navratri Special: Why is sendha namak more beneficial than common salt during fasting)

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