Some Foods Which Can Beat The Multivitamin Capsules

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Foods that beat multivitamins

There are various foods which can beat multivitamin capsules.

Do you know, there are a lot of food items which can beat the benefits of multivitamin supplements? People think that talking multivitamin capsules can help you get all the essential nutrients in the body. But the fact is, being natural can be better than going under medication. So, you all should be aware of some foods which are greater than any of the multivitamin capsules or supplements. Adding them to your regular diet can fulfil the needs of various nutrients in the body. (Also Read: Which Vitamin E Rich Foods One Must Include In The Diet)

This article includes:

  • Yellow bell peppers
  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • Eggs
  • Cod liver oil

Foods Which Can Beat The Multivitamins:

Yellow bell peppers:
Yellow bell peppers have a lot of vitamin C. Having a great dose of vitamin C is very much important to add to your regular diet. It helps you to boost your immune system and to remove fatigue, skin rashes, muscle pain and bleeding disorders. In fact, bell peppers are greater than any other citrus fruit.


Foods that beat multivitamins
Spinach has variable nutrients which can beat multivitamins.

Nothing can beat spinach. It has an enormous amount of vitamin K, A, B2, B6, E, B1. Furthermore, spinach can fulfil your daily needs of antioxidants which will increase your immunity and will destroy the free radicals present in the body. During pregnancy also, spinach helps a lot. To know about this, click here.

Adding kale to your diet can be extremely beneficial. It is loaded with vitamin K1, C and antioxidants. Vitamin K helps in blood clotting outside the body and plays a vital role in bone strengthening. Moreover, it has a lot of copper, protein, magnesium, fibre, potassium and iron.


Foods that beat multivitamins
Eggs have variable nutrients which can beat multivitamins.

If you consume protein supplements then stop it right away and start eating eggs. It helps you to build your muscles, strengthen the bones, fulfil the protein deficiency in the body. Other than that, eggs have a lot of omega fatty acids and zinc which are extremely essential for our health.

Cod liver oil:
If anyone is having vitamin D deficiency, then the regular consumption of cod liver oil will help. Apart from sunlight, it is another effective source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can affect your bone health. (Also Read: Which Foods Turn Toxic When They Are Cooked)

These are the essential foods which can beat any multivitamin capsule naturally. So when will you start adding these foods to your regular diet? Read this article in Hindi also.

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