Meal starters: Healthiest appetizer to have before the meal

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Best appetizer for health

Best appetizer for healthy start of the meal

When it comes to eating the food in a proper manner, there is a fixed pattern. The first thing we all have for a meal is the meal starter or appetizer and we all wrap the meal with a dessert. The main purpose of appetizers is to build a healthy appetite. So, the meal starters should be light and low in calorie amount. This way they will have a positive impact on your appetite instead of ruining the meal. Thus, you must know of the healthy meal starter or appetizer to build for hunger in a healthy manner. (Also read: Which Summer Soups Can Detox Your Body Thoroughly)

Best appetizers to start the meal

  • Vegetable kebab
  • Spinach salad
  • Vegetable soup
  • Vegetable salad
  • Sabudana Pakora

Vegetable kebab
Vegetable kebabs are made by roasting vegetables, they contain fewer calories and high amounts of nutrients. If you do not want to eat kebabs then you can eat roasted vegetables only. They can be easily made. To make this, you can mix red bell pepper, mushroom and tomatoes. 2 Grilled Vegetable kebabs contain only 80 calories.

Spinach salad
Salad made with spinach is the best starter. It leads to low-calorie intake and at the same time it helps keep you healthy. This salad is made with the help of spinach and other green leafy vegetables. It provides you with amazing health benefits. (Also read: What is a salad diet plan and how one must follow it)

Vegetable soup
Vegetable soup is beneficial to control the hunger before having the actual food. The vegetable soup contains 160 calories, 3.5 grams of fat and 1240 mg sodium. Also, there is fibre in it as well vitamins and minerals.

Vegetable salad

Best appetizer for health
Salad is a healthy appetizer

Vegetable salad is made by boiling or using raw vegetables. It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that help keep the body healthy. Vegetables are the main source of fibre, vitamin C folic acid.

Sabudana Pakora
Sabudana contains high amounts of potassium which helps in blood circulation. It boosts energy levels in the body. It a healthy and light meal starter. (Also read: Why do you feel hungry even after a meal)

So, keep these foods in mind before starting the meal. Click the link to reach this article in Hindi.

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