What Are The Major Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

What Are The Major Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

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The Vitamin D is a group of secosteroids which is responsible for intestinal absorption of Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphate. It is an extremely important Vitamin which affects the functioning of various systems of the body. The most important compounds in Vitamin D are Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. It is one among the fat-soluble Vitamins and each cell in the body is a receptor to it. It is very common to see people deficit of Vitamin D due to their less exposure to it in their changed lifestyle. Having a dark skin complex, obesity and less exposure to sunlight are also the reasons for Vitamin D deficiency. Thus, to know whether you are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency or not, take a look at the major symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency. [Also Read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Protein Deficiency In The Body]

Low Immunity:

If you fall sick very often and you are prone to all the viral infections, you may lack Vitamin D. The Vitamin D plays a major role in strengthening the immune system as it directly interacts with the body cells. Thus, if you lack Vitamin D, your body’s ability to fight infections lessens leading to low immunity.

Weak Bones:

The Vitamin D helps in the Calcium absorption by the body. Calcium is the most important nutrient to maintain the bone health and prevent from problems like osteoporosis. Thus, if you lack Vitamin D in your body, you may suffer from bone and back pain. Weak bones also indicate the same.

Impaired Wound Healing:

The Vitamin D produces necessary compounds which speed up wound healing. It helps to fight infection and heal the wound. However, lack of Vitamin D in the body takes a longer time to get the wound healed. The body’s ability to fight infections get reduced when it does not have sufficient Vitamin D. [Also Read: What Are The Signs Which Indicate Calcium Deficiency In Body]

Muscular Pain:

The Vitamin D receptor is present in the nerve cells which have the function to sense pain. Thus, deficiency of D Vitamin can cause you light to severe muscular pain.


The Vitamin D plays a major role in regulating the adrenaline and dopamine production in the body. It also prevents the depletion of serotonin which is responsible for mood swings, anxiety and happiness. Thus, if you are a deficit if Vitamin D, there are chances of depression hitting you.

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