Lung health: Which things harm your lungs

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Things harming lung health

Lung health: There are many things around us which harm the health of the lungs.

Lung health: Lungs are one of the most important organs of the human body. They not just help us to breathe but also help to filter the air we breathe. Lungs help to provide oxygen to the body and release carbon dioxide. If the lungs of our body become unhealthy, we will encounter frequent infections, flu, fatigue, cold, asthma, cough and difficulty in breathing. Some of our unhealthy habits and certain things around us harm our lung health. Most of the times, we are unaware of the things which harm our lungs. Let’s discuss which things affect our lung health. (Also read: Yoga for lungs: How to improve lungs health with yoga)

Which things are harming our lung health severely?

  • The smoke of the cigarette
  • Wood burning stove
  • Bleach
  • Pesticide
  • Paint

The smoke of the cigarette

things affecting lung health
Even passive smoking is harmful to the lung health.

Not only pollution but the smoke from the cigarette too harms the lungs. The nicotine present in the cigarette harm the lungs. Therefore, not only smoking but passive smoking also harms your lung.

Wood burning stove
When the wood burns, it releases nitrogen gas and harms the lungs. Thus, bonfire and wood burning stove is harmful to lungs. (Also read: Superfoods: Which are the best superfoods for keeping the lungs healthy)

Bleach is often used to clean the skin. But bleach contains ammonia and chlorine which releases many gases harmful to the health of the lungs. Thus, we must never use bleach.

People often use pesticides to get rid of mosquitoes, insects etc. Pesticides release gas like ammonia and chlorine which are harmful to the health of the lungs. Thus, we must restrict the use of pesticides. (Also read: What Are The Signs That Suggests Lungs Failure)

When we paint the walls and furniture, you can sense the smell of volatile organic compounds which are extremely harmful. The smell of this chemical affects your lungs and body. It even damages your lungs to a great extent.

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These are some of the things which harm your body and your lungs in the worst possible way. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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