What are the low-calorie breakfast options for a healthy morning

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What are the low calorie breakfast for a healthy morning

We all are well aware of the importance of eating healthy breakfast. However, we must take care of what we intake and how healthy we eat. In order to stay fit and healthy, we must ensure that we eat low-calorie breakfast. We should note that in order to lose weight, eating a low-calorie diet is important. It helps us to stay fresh and active throughout the day. It is also believed that what we eat in the morning decides our mood for the rest of the day. Thus, if we eat healthy and low in calorie count breakfast then we can lose weight without feeling lethargic. Let’s have a look at the list of items that are low in calorie count and can be eaten on daily basis. (Also read: What are the healthy eating habits that can help teenagers to achieve goals in life)

What are the low-calorie breakfast options for a healthy morning?

A fresh vegetable sandwich: A quick veggie wrap with wheat bread or whole grain bread is actually low in calorie count. Load it with fresh veggies like tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, olives, cucumber, carrots etc. It is filling as well as quick to make. Avoid using mayonnaise as it has a lot of fat.

Eggs: Eggs are the best options to consume for breakfast. It can be consumed in various forms like an omelette, boiled egg, scrambled egg, french toast, egg wrap etc. Make sure you use whole grain bread to make an egg wrap. Eggs are rich in protein and help to make us satiated for a long period of time. (Also read: Why should one avoid using soap bars while using public toilets)

Porridge: Daliya or Porridge is a very light and low-calorie breakfast option. You can either eat it in low-fat milk or can consume it by adding some veggies to it. It is rich in fibre, potassium, iron and carbohydrates. You can also top it with nuts or fresh fruits to increase its nutritious value.

Poha: Poha is highly consumed in Indian breakfast option which is low in calories too. One can add carrots, capsicum, onions, peas, potatoes etc in it to make it more tasty and nutritious. It is also filling and light in nature.

Whole grain cereals: Oatmeals and other combined whole grain cereals are the safest and the healthiest option to eat for breakfast. Add some fresh milk, nuts and fresh veggies to increase their nutritious value. It is easy to digest and rich in fibre too. A bowl of whole grain cereals are rich in proteins and make you feel fuller for a long period of time.(Also read: What are the reasons that our eyes keep on watering so often)

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