What to do when you have low acid level in the stomach

What to do when you have low acid level in the stomach

For a healthy life, a healthy digestion is a key thing. Your stomach plays an important role in the process of digestion. When the food reaches the stomach, it gets mixed with the acid present in the stomach. Thus, the food starts breaking into smaller and simpler pieces. If the acid level is low then it will be difficult to digest the food consumed. You will face a lot of problems due to this condition such as an inability to digest the food properly, heartburn or acid reflux after a meal, nutrient deficiency etc. Therefore it is important to increase the acid level in the stomach if you are dealing with a low acid problem. Let’s find out the ways to do that!

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Don’t drink water after your meal or along the meal
This is the worst mistake that you can make in case of low acid level in the stomach. The water dilutes the acid present in the stomach, these acid are important to digest your food. So, avoid water till 30 minutes after the meal.

Eat fermented foods
The fermented foods are full of organic acid and the enzymes. They also contain the prebiotics. So, they are amazing to improve the secretion of the digestive juices. The fermented foods include Idli, pickles, yoghurt etc.

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Apple Cider Vinegar
The apple cider vinegar is amazing to provide you with the better pH levels in the stomach. The apple cider vinegar has a low pH balance. So, try to have the apple cider vinegar right before the meals to improve the digestion and the acid levels.

Chew the food properly
If you are dealing with the low acid level in the stomach then you must be careful about the chewing. Try to make the work easy for your stomach. So, chew properly and slowly.

The ginger is amazing for improving digestive juices. So, you can include ginger tea in your daily routine.

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