Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health

Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health


People love having diet soda and they have been consuming this for a long time. But diet soda contains a lesser amount of calories what a normal soft drink has. Many studies have proved that it has harmful effects in our body. So, if you think that diet sodas do not harm you then it might prove you wrong. Let’s find out how it harms us. (Also Read: What Are The Multipurpose Usage Of Lemon Peels)

Weight gain:
Soda is full of sugar and it is easy to drink in a very small amount of time. Diet soda sounds like something very healthy and would not make you fat or hamper your daily diet. But diet soda adds extra artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose to meet your urge for sweet drinks. So, regular intake can trigger weight gain and obesity and a number of problems like cancer and early death.

The risk of Diabetes:
Do you know drinking one diet soda in a day is associated with more than 35% increased the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes? Metabolic syndrome is a very bad condition of heart which includes high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, elevated glucose levels, stroke, and large waist circumference etc. Hence, it increases the risk of Diabetes in our body. (Also Read: What Are The Foods Responsible To Make You Look Aged)

Is Diet Soda Good For Your Health

No nutritional value:
Though its name is diet soda, still it has no nutritional values. Rather it supplies extra calories to your body. The diet name just signifies the fewer calories container. If you are looking for any healthy no-calorie beverage, then water is the best option. It satisfies your thirst and gives your body a kick start. No point of having something which has no worth for you.

Harmful for teeth:
Consuming excessive drinking soda can cause a severe tooth erosion. A study proves that a soda drinker and a cocaine and methamphetamine user have an equal level of damages teeth. Having the same amount of damage sounds may impossible because cocaine and drugs have an ultimate harsh effect on our body. But if the same harshness can be found in soda drinker’s body too then this is a serious issue we should understand about. (Also Read: Four Different Types Of Water To Wash Face Properly)

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