Indian foods: Best And Healthy Indian Foods One Must Start Eating Immediately

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Best Indian foods to stay healthy

India has a rich variety of foods which are tasty yet healthy

Indian Foods: India’s rich cultural diversity brings along a wide variety of food items. We don’t have to worry about the food items when it comes to India. There are numerous cuisines and their different foods which are not just tasty but healthy too. We cannot have oily and spicy foods every day. We need to eat healthy to stay fit and active. People often have the wrong assumptions that Indian food is loaded with oil and spices. However, there are various foods which are high in nutritional value. Not just this, they are a treat to the taste buds too. Thus, here is the list of some healthy Indian foods, one must start eating immediately. (Also read: Which Indian foods increases the sperm count)

Healthy Indian Food Items We All Should Eat Regularly

  • Idli
  • Sprouts
  • Dalia
  • Sattu
  • Bajra

Idli is one of the lightest food items. It is not fried but steamed. It is usually made of dal or rice which helps to provide the body with a good amount of amino acid. Being low in fats, it is easy to digest. As it contains a good amount of carbohydrates and proteins, it is healthy for the body. Not just this, idli can be prepared easily and quickly. Moreover, one can eat it at any time of the day be it for breakfast, lunch or in the dinner.


Best Indian foods to stay healthy ad fit
Best Indian Foods: Sprouts help to stay healthy and are easy to digest

The benefits of sprouts are known to all. As the sprouts take some time to germinate, the nutrients are broken into smaller and simplest form which are easy to digest. Our body is also able to absorb the nutrients properly. They are loaded with vitamins, protein, fibre. Sprouts are very light to eat which keeps you energetic and active. (Also read: Must To Eat Indian Foods For Pregnant Ladies)


Best Indian Foods to stay healthy and fit
Best Indian Foods: Dalia with milk make an amazing combination to stay healthy and fit

Dalia or porridge is one of the best breakfast options in India. It can either be eaten along with vegetables or with milk. It helps to regulate the level of glucose in the body and makes you feel fuller for a long time. Dalia also helps to lose weight and is easy to digest.

Sattu is the best cooler for Summers. It is high in nutritional value. It is made up of roasted gram flour, wheat, barley etc. Moreover, a lot of dishes can be prepared with the help of Sattu. Thus, one must eat Sattu to stay fit and healthy.

Bajra is extremely beneficial for health as it is loaded with nutrients. One can prepare chapati, khichdi etc. and eat it especially during winters to stay healthy and fit. Thus, it is one of the best Indian foods.  (Also read: What Are The Essential Indian Superfoods We All Should Be Aware Of)

Thus, these are some of the healthiest Indian foods one can eat to stay fit and active. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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