Important Things To Consider Before Opting For A Fruit Diet

Important Things To Consider Before Opting For A Fruit Diet

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Fruits are tempting and almost everyone treats their taste buds with some delicious fruits. Eating fruits is good for health as they offer a tremendous amount of nutrients. They are rich in all the vital vitamins and minerals which are good for the healthy survival of the human beings. Opting for a fruit diet is good as fruits are low in calories, complex carbs and sodium with all natural sugar. Thus, it helps in weight loss besides giving wonders to our health. However, there are some important things to consider before opting for a fruit diet to get great results. Just take a thorough read below, to know the same. [Also Read: What are the toxic things one use everyday]

There Is A Specific Time To Eat Fruits:

Eating fruits at night is not at all recommended. It takes a long time for food to get digested hence, eating foods just before hitting the bed is bad for health. The best way to eat fruits is early in the morning, on an empty stomach. By this, the body absorbs all the important nutrients from the fruits. Moreover, you can also eat fruits within meals.

Combine Fruits Of Different pH Level:

There are a variety of fruits available hence, you must mix the fruits of different pH levels and then eat. There are acidic fruits, sub-acidic fruits and alkaline fruits which you can combine to make a fruit salad. [Also Read: Important Things To Do After Eating High Cholesterol Food]

Don’t Eat A Fruit Salad Regularly:

Eating a fruit salad regularly by combing different pH level fruits, can delay the process of digestion. As different fruits take different time to digest, eating a fruit salad regularly can slow your digestion process.

Eat Watermelons Alone:

The Watermelons are superfoods which are rich in important nutrients and are great for health. However, watermelons should always be eaten alone because it gets digested faster than any other fruit.

Do Not Drink Milk With Banana:

The bananas and milk should not be consumed together but after a certain interval. You should first drink milk and then consume banana after 20-30 minutes. The combination of milk and banana promotes weight gain besides slowing the digestion process.

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