What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health

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What hygiene habits which can be dangerous to your health

To stay healthy it is important to maintain your hygiene as well. If you maintain the hygiene you can avoid the risk of running into various kinds of diseases and they impact your body in a terrible way. For example, if you fail to shower daily then your body can turn into a sanctuary for the microorganisms. That is why it is important to maintain your hygiene. However, there are some common hygienic practices that can actually harm your health in the worst possible manner. So, let’s get to know about them. (Also read: What are the effects of the second-hand smoke or passive smoking)

Using excessive hand sanitizer
People love to use the hand sanitizer every day. They do so to protect their hand from germs. However, excessive use of it can harm your hand’s skin.

Hot shower
Everyone likes to relax under a hot shower, but this habit is not good for the skin. The constant exposure of hot water can make your skin dry and dull. Thus avoid the extra long hot shower. (Also read: What to do if you have consumed too much salt)

Covering the mouth when you sneeze
It considered a good habit when you cover your mouth when you are in public. However, if you don’t wash your hands after it, then all the germs are still on your hands. So, always use a tissue or a handkerchief.

Washing the hair daily
Washing your hair is a part of hair care routine. However, if you wash your hair too frequently then you end up losing the natural moisture on the scalp. So, try to wash your hair every alternate day.

Many women use a spray to keep their vaginas clean. This process is known is douching. It is harmful to the vagina’s natural environment. It impacts the pH levels in the vagina. The spray is bad for the vagina’s tissues. (Also read: How to improve the quality of your sleep as you age)

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