How you are sleeping is more important than how much you are sleeping

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How you are sleeping is more important than how much you are sleeping

Most of us face the problem of tiredness even after sleeping for long hours. We often ignore this as we blame the stress in our life for the same. However, we should make a note that there are certain factors which are responsible for the same. What matters most is how well we sleep, not how much we sleep. A person can feel fresh even after a sound sleep of 4 hours rather than be sleeping with all the disturbance for 8 hours. Our mind and body need time to heal and relax at night. While we are asleep, we give this brownie time to our mind and body to stay stress-free and reach calmness. But when we are in chaos even while sleeping, we often wake up as being more tired and exhausted. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of using mustard oil)

How are you sleeping is more important than how much you are sleeping?

Quality of sleep is essential: No matter if you sleep for 12 hours and still wake up being tired and out of energy, it is not your fault. It all depends upon the Rapid Eye Movement(REM). The REM cycle of our sleep describes our dream cycle. We often tend to achieve first REM after an hour of closing our eyes and sleeping. It keeps recurring itself after every 90-120 minutes until we actually wake up. REM sleep ensures we have rested completely. When our brain can process REM sleep, it proves the best sleep for us. Thus, the quality of the sleep matters a lot more than the number of hours we go to sleep.

How does sleep affect our health?
It is been proved by a study on quality sleep that a good and quality sleep helps to stay healthy. Those who sleep with a peaceful mind and with a higher quality of sleep encountered fewer anxiety issues, fatigue and anger. On the other hand, people who sleep for long but with the disturbed mind are more likely to have anger issues, fatigue, tiredness etc. They eventually feel more sleepy even after having a good amount of sleep. Thus, it proves that a high-quality sleep for fewer hours is better than low quality sleep for long hours. (Also read: What are the harmful effects of drinking too much soft drinks)

However, oversleeping is bad for the health. It impacts our brain and body in a worse way possible. Even a study has revealed that oversleeping is extremely harmful to the health.

How can one sleep better?
There are few ways in which one can sleep better.

Take a hot shower: When you take a hot shower, it soothes your muscles and joints. Thus, it helps you to sleep in a better way.

Keep your phone at a distance: Mobile phones and other gadgets often disturb our sleep. Thus, one should keep them at a distance or even switch them off to sleep better. When we sleep with such gadgets, we often tend to have a disturbed mind.

Don’t consume coffee before bed: Caffeine makes us wide awake. Thus, one must not drink coffee before going to bed. Try avoiding tea and coffee to ensure proper sleep. You can drink a glass of hot milk instead.

Fix your sleep schedule: Try to fix the time when you go to bed. Thus, try to sleep at the same time every night. This will help you to build a good sleeping pattern and you will eventually start falling sleepy when it’s your time. (Also read: What are the various health benefits of bathing daily)

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