How to protect your eyes while you are swimming to ensure eye safety

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How to protect your eyes while you are swimming to ensure eye safety

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body. It needs extra care and attention in order to protect them from the harmful things. Eye injuries are very common and it can happen anytime and anywhere, without a prior notice. However, whenever we are into some physical activity or sport, we should always make sure that we are protecting our eyes well. It is surprising to know that even our fingers can do a lot of harm to our eyes. Rubbing eyes hard or sudden squash of water in the eyes can hurt the eyes. One should wear a proper protection on eyes while going for swimming. (Also read: Why It Is Important To Sleep With Your Socks On)

How to protect your eyes while you are saying:

One should wear a protective eye gear on eyes before going for swimming. It is highly recommended to cover the eyes while you go to take a dip in the pool. Especially children have sensitive eyes and are prone to infections. Pool water has a great amount of chlorine. Chlorine helps to disinfect the water and let it remain clear. Besides this one can wear water goggles so that their eyes do not get affected.

Wearing an eye gears makes the eye less prone to the infections and particles present in the eyes. Mostly divers and swimmers wear eye gear while they swim or get into the water. (Also read: Why We All Should Drink Birch Water)

Besides this, many people wear contact lenses. In water, these eye contact lenses may tear or the person is unable to look through. The presence of chlorine in water leads to eye infection and irritation. Not just this, when you swim a lot of water goes into eyes, which makes it difficult to carry contact lenses. So in order to give up with discomfort, it is important to wear eye gear or goggles while swimming or doing any water sport. Many of us will think of going to swimming without contact lenses, but then again it is not advisable, as you will not be able to see through the objects. Swimming goggles and eye gear are especially available in the market for the safety of eyes.

It is best to protect the eyes so that no injury occurs. It’s better to take precaution before it’s too late! (Also read: Why Should You Never Sleep Immediately After A Meal)

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