Diwali 2017: How To Protect Your Eyes From Pollution During Diwali

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How to protect your eyes from Diwali pollution

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We all know it’s Diwali time. With so much positivity and lights all around, it is actually a merry time. However, Diwali and pollution come hand in hand. Excess smoke and pollution from crackers and fireworks on Diwali lead to troublesome. Though crackers have been banned in many parts of the country, yet there are few people who are still practising the same. The air is again filled with a lot of pollution. The most sensitive part of our body is our eyes. Air pollution affects our entire body but eyes are the highly exposed part. It is very much necessary for us to guard our eyes to make them less prone to pollution. (Also read: Diwali 2017: How To Avoid Gaining Weight During Diwali Festival)

How to protect eyes from Diwali pollution?

It is utmost important for us to protect our eyes from exposure to pollution. With a lot of fireworks all around, one should be extra preventive when it comes to eyes. Wearing glasses and splashing water into eyes after coming back home are some of the basic eye care tips. Try to avoid wearing contact lenses as the smoke from the crackers might cause burning sensation in the eyes. Besides this, make sure you wash your hands when you are in contact with harmful chemicals and products. Keep a sanitizer with you always. Besides this, try to wear goggles when there is too much smoke in the atmosphere to provide a shield to your eyes. (Also read: What are the major causes of bad breath

Besides this, if you bursting crackers, then you should maintain a distance from them. Do not rush too much into them you might end upon hurting your eyes. You can even rub ice cubes and cucumber slices before going to bed at night.

What to do in case of eye injury?

In case your eyes get injured with the spark from the crackers, immediately wash off your eyes. But before that, make sure your hands are clean and properly hygienic. Then splash a lot of water in your eyes. Rub some ice cubes on them. If there is a bleeding spot in your eyes, you should rush to your nearby hospital without any delay. But do not rub or itch your eyes. It will increase the irritation and burning sensation in the eyes.

In case there are children at your home, you need to be extra cautious about them. Don’t leave them alone, accompany them while they are going to burst the crackers. Make sure their eyes are well protected and covered. In case you feel irritation in eyes, try to sit in the room where there is no smoke. (Also read: What are the various reasons for pain in your lower back)

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