How to prepare yourself for fasting during Navratri

How to prepare yourself for fasting during Navratri

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Navratri fasting rituals have been a part of ancient Hindu practices. These auspicious nine days are dedicated to cleansing your mind, body, heart and soul. Fasting simply means stepping out of the daily unhealthy eating habits, self-harming lifestyle and negative thoughts. The process of fasting has a deep impact on your life. Therefore, before you get ready to indulge in this holy process of Navratri fasting you must know how to prepare your body. When you are both physically and mentally dedicated to Navratri, only then you can undergo the rituals of Navratri. These nine have the power to change your life for better. Your body needs special attention during these days, so it is better to prepare yourself for it. Some simple steps can help you to get ready for these holy nine days.

Seek doctor’s opinion
Fasting is a crucial change for your body. Every individual’s body is different. Therefore, the first and foremost thing is to seek doctor’s advice about your physical condition. Patients with diabetes, pregnant women, lactating mother or patients of anorexia are often asked to avoid fasting at all. As a result, one must visit a doctor to know that is his or her body ready for the fast during Navaratri.

Start detoxing
Navratri is about diverting your life towards a greater goal. Therefore, it is important to leave behind the unhealthy habits and routines. In our hectic and stressful lives, we all fall prey to addiction. Before the process of fasting, it is important to say goodbye to addiction. People who are heavily dependent on tea, coffee, cigarettes or alcohol might find it difficult to completely let these habits go. However, the positive motivation of the Navaratri can help you to fight off the temptation. So, start detoxing to get ready for fasting.

Keep yourself hydrated
Water is the most important thing to prepare yourself for the fasting ritual this Navratri. When you start the ritual of fasting the body is unable to adapt to the change if it dehydrated. Water helps the body to maintain its well-being so that it can accept the process of fasting in the most healthy way. So, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

Change your fitness routine
This comes as no surprise that during fasting your body is unable to perform intensive fitness routine. Navratri festival is about connecting your body to a higher calling and the spiritual awakening. So, it is better that you change your fitness routine to a more fast friendly routine. You can prepare your body for fasting by switching to yoga. This way you will be able to manage your mental as well as physical health.

Eating in small proportion and avoid binge eating
Fasting during Navaratri is about discipline and self-control. Most people fail to understand the importance of controlling your eating habits during Navratri fast. Before starting the ritual of fasting give up the unhealthy habit of binge eating and overeating. Eat in small portions to help your body to understand the importance of self-control.

Healthy sleeping routine
Often people underestimate the value of sleeping when it comes to preparing your body for fasting. When your body is well rested after a healthy sleeping cycle, then it can easily adapt to the changes that occur during the fasting. Staying up late harms the person both mentally and physically.

Positive thoughts and meditation
Fasting is not just physical process, it is about understanding your spiritual side as well. Therefore, it is important that you keep your mind full of positive thoughts about the journey that you will be starting. For this the best way is meditation. Meditation can help you connect yourself with your spiritual side. It will help you to get rid of the negative thoughts.

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