How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body

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How To Maintain The pH Balance In Your Body

It is very important to maintain the pH balance in our body. The alkaline/acid balance is very important to be maintained. Although we are not much aware of this and that is why care a less about it. This carelessness can lead to many skin problems and healing problems in our body. Whatever you eat and drink can directly affect the pH balance in the body. We are supposed to eat healthy and good diet every day to keep ourselves fit and disease-free.

But, along with having these healthy foods, we should take care of the alkaline and acidic balance of our body. If your pH balance is disrupted, it clearly means that you are intaking more acidic food than alkaline food. Hence, have a look at the following to get some idea of maintaining the right pH balance in our body. (Also Read: What Do Your Feet Say About Your Health)

A glass of lemon water:
We all know that lemon is an acidic food, but still drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning can be great. It will help your body to maintain the pH balance. This happens because lemon water acts like an alkaline drink in our body. So, every morning drink a glass of warm water with two tablespoons lemon water. This helps to maintain the pH level of the body.

Raw food, green veggies can help you:
Your healthy body cells need alkaline food more. However, if your cells are unhealthy, they require acidic foods. One must eat raw foods or half cooked foods more. You should eat green veggies. Other than that, nuts, seeds, sprouts, green veggies juice etc are great to maintain the pH in your body. (Also Read: What Are The Foods That Balance Your Hormones For Younger Looking Skin)

Reduce your stress:
If you are stressed out, your body is forming those hormones which are disrupting your alkaline level in the body. Unfortunately, this process increases the acidic level in the body. That is why try to balance your stress level and increase the level of happy hormone in the body. Do regular exercises, yoga and take anti-stress classes.

Reduce eating acidic foods:
You should be aware of your diet as it should not contain many acidic foods. Avoid high sodium foods, added sugar foods, processed ones, fried junks etc. These foods increase the acidic level in the body. Moreover, be careful while consuming caffeine and outside foods.

Keep drugs, toxins, chemicals away:
There are many drugs that contain high acidic content. Drugs, chemicals, toxins containing foods, junks can efficiently distress our body by increasing the acidic amount in the body and hinders the pH balance. (Also Read: What Are The Surprising Health Benefits Of Camphor Or Karpur)

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