How to know that our body is absorbing sufficient minerals and vitamins

How to know that our body is absorbing sufficient minerals and vitamins

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Our body is the utmost requirement of the necessary minerals and vitamins. We aim at eating healthy so that we can grasp the maximum nutritious values from the food. Our body is running on various complex functions. Thus, there is an urgent need that our body gets sufficient nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. What causes a deficiency in the body is the inability of the body to absorb certain nutrients. However, deficiency of these vitamins and minerals impact different parts of the body. This eventually leads to different signs that the body shows up. (Also read: What are the different hobbies to take in order to stay healthy and happy)

Here is how you can get to know if the body is absorbing necessary vitamins and minerals:

If your skin and scalp are dry and itchy, it indicates low vitamin A or vitamin E. Even the dry and cracked lips also suggest the same. However, these vitamins are necessary for the body to maintain the healing process as well. In fact, the flaky and itchy scalp also suggest lack of zinc and vitamin B6 in the body.

Watch out your tongue and the gums. Sore tongue and canker sores suggest a deficiency of vitamin B2, B3 or B12. Bleeding gums, pain in gums, bruises often suggest vitamin C deficiency in the body. (Also read: What are the toxic things one use everyday)

Look out your fingernails properly. Lack of minerals and vitamins often shows up on the finger nails. Thin nails, splitting nails that usually brittle suggest a low level of magnesium in the body. Even the white spots on the nails suggest zinc and calcium deficiency in the body. Thus make sure your nails do not have any of these signs.

Any lump or bump in the neck in the centre near the larynx often suggest something serious. Besides this, weight gain, bloating in stomach, fatigue etc. also indicate the deficiency of iodine in the body. Deficiency of iodine also imbalance the thyroid hormone in the body.

If the inner lining of your eyes appears pale and white in colour instead of being pink or red. It suggests deficiency of iron in the body, Iron is necessary for the production of red blood cells in the body and can lead to low level of energy in the body. It may also lead to fatigue and tiredness in the body. (Also read: Why sleeping on left side of the body is beneficial)

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