How to improve the quality of your sleep as you age

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How to improve the quality of your sleep with age

As the person ages, the healthy sleep starts to elude them. To stay healthy it is important to seek 7 to 8 hours of sleep. With the process of ageing, it can be a challenge to get the sleep. This leads to a variety of health problems like fatigue, irritation etc. So, to maintain a healthy way of life, you must know of the ways to sleep properly as you start to age. It will be a boot to your metabolism, health and the peace of mind. There is nothing difficult about it if you know the right way for it. So, let’s find out how to sleep better as you age. (Also read: What are the strange things that can send you to the hospital)

Make a routine
Make sure that you develop a habit of waking up and sleeping at the same time every day. With age, it can be challenging, but you have to stick to it. So, make a routine and follow.

Take a warm shower before sleeping
To sleep well you need to relax completely. For this, the best bet is the arm shower as it relaxes your muscles. It removes the fatigue the body is experiencing by the end of the day. (Also read: What are the easy ways to get rid of a headache)

Don’t take a power nape
With age many people think that need extra sleep to relax, this leads to the power nap. This habit of afternoon napping harms the sleeping routine at the night.

Exercise daily
To keep your body healthy and to improve the quality of sleep you must pay attention to the physical workout. Don’t exercise right before sleeping, as it can hamper your sleep. This is important that you know exercise leads to the secretion of endorphin hormone, that can harm your sleep.

Avoid consuming alcohol
It might be the biggest myth that consuming alcohol helps to better. The truth is that alcohol consumption harms the normal and healthy sleeping routine. (Also read: Easy habits to make your life healthier and better)

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