Holi 2018: How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi

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Most of the people love to celebrate Holi with a glass of bhang(hemp seeds milk) or bhang thandai. In order to make the festival more fun, people drink a lot of bhang. After some time, when the bhang intoxicates the body, the signs become quite clear. One feels unconscious, out of control and lose senses. Too much consumption of bhang leads to a hangover and often cause stomachache. Eventually, you feel out of energy and it spoils your festival as well. There are certain natural ways by which one can get rid of bhang hangover. These natural things will leave no side effects on the body. And you will be able to enjoy the festival with great zeal. (Also read: Holi 2018: Essential tips to play Holi safely and happily)

How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi?

Drink a lot of water
Holi 2018: How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi
Drinking a lot of water when you are intoxicated with bhang. Water neutralises the impact of bhang. It even helps to remove the toxins from the body. You can also add lemon to the water.

Take a hot shower
Right after the hangover, calm down your nerves by taking a hot shower. You will feel relaxed. It will even help you to get instant relief from a headache. (Also read: What do your eyes say about your health)

Don’t drink tea or coffee
Holi 2018: How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi
You will have to face a lot of struggle while drinking tea or coffee. Thus, it is better to avoid drinking coffee and tea.

Drink herbal tea
Drink herbal tea to get rid of the hangover. It will help to bring relief to a headache. You can have rose tea or jasmine tea. This will neutralise the effect of bhang.

Sleep adequately
How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi
In order to get relief from the hangover of bhang, you must sleep. Go to a room and have a sound sleep. It will help you to get relief from a headache.

Eat fibrous food
How to get rid of bhang hangover on Holi
Fibrous food is rich in antioxidants thus one must eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Don’t stay empty stomach and eat food properly. Don’t eat junk and fried food. (Also read: Holi 2018 : How to protect your hair from colour damage on Holi)

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