How to fight the hunger pangs during the Navratri

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How to fight the hunger pangs during the Navaratri

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Navratri is marked as the beginning of the auspicious times ahead. Most people follow an interesting tradition during the festival of Navratri that is fasting for 9 days. These nine days are about giving up unhealthy eating habits and observing fast to reconnect with your spiritual side. However, the most common problem that people face during the process of fasting is hunger pangs. Hunger pangs occur when you suddenly change your food intake. This condition is pretty common during Navratri as most people feel tempted to break the fast and give in to the hunger. Navratri fasts have a deep impact on the person who observes the fast both mentally and physically.

When you consciously think about food and hunger then you lose the true essence of the celebration of Navratri. Therefore it is important to know about the ways that can help you to curb your hunger during Navaratri fasting tradition.

Drink a lot of water
Water is the most effective way to fight the hunger during the Navratri fast. Water helps to generate a feeling of fullness. It is also the most healthy way to keep yourself away from thinking about food. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body, as a result you feel lighter and more energetic.

Keep yourself busy
When you are observing a fat during Navaratri, it doesn’t mean that you will discontinue your normal routine in life. In fact, when you keep yourself busy with work or other activities you will hardly get time to think about the temptation of the food items. Keeping yourself busy will distract you and will make it easy to remain in the state of fast for the required time.

Maintain a healthy sleeping routine
Most people forget about the importance of sleep to maintain the well-being of the body. When you are observing a fast during Navratri, then it is important that you are well-rested. If you stay awake late at night, then it is possible that you give in to the midnight food craving. Another way that sleeping can help you during the fasts of Navratri is it helps to keep your mind away from the hunger pangs. Many people prefer to take an afternoon nap to stay away from the hunger pangs.

Meditate and focus on spirituality
When you are observing a fast during Navratri then you must try to find ways to connect with your spiritual self in the best possible manner. Meditation helps to focus on the spiritual thoughts and observation. As a result, you devote all your time to think about the higher calling and forget about the hunger pangs.

Stay away from sugar and excessively fried food
Though it might appear like a tempting option, it is better to stay away from the food items that full of sugar and fats during the process of fasting. As when you indulge in these food items then you might feel the temptation to have more and more. This temptation defies the whole idea behind the Navratri fast.

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