How The Smartphone Is Causing You Neck Trouble

How The Smartphone Is Causing You Neck Trouble

The lifestyle in today’s era has changed tremendously. We are more dependent on the machines and gadgets rather than finding the other way out. No doubt that technology has made our life easier but remember, nothings comes for free in this world hence, we have posed a serious risk to our health while giving open arms to technology. The smartphone nowadays has become a necessity but do you know that the cell phone usage is causing harm to your neck and spine? Given below are the reasons how the smartphone is causing you neck troubles and the ways to overcome them. [Also Read: Why carrying a smartphone to the toilet is not safe]

How Is The Smartphone Causing You Neck Trouble?

Excessive use of smartphone makes our neck bend forward which alters the natural curvature of the neck. This causes stress in the neck leading to wear and tear of muscles. The human skull weighs for almost 3kg to 5kg hence, when we bend our head forward the stress caused in the spine and neck is not measurable. Therefore, doubling the load on the neck muscles. While using a cell phone, chatting or texting, the head moves forward in a bent direction, shoulders become stiff and lift upwards. Hence, giving contraction to neck and shoulder muscles. The neck muscles in their proper curvature are designed to support the head’s weight. However, a stress on neck and spine gives you vast neck troubles like upper back pain, cervical pain, stiffness in shoulders and so on. [Also Read: Know How Using Mobile Phone Before Bed Can Worsen Your Mental Health]

Ways To Overcome The Neck Problem:

To get away with neck problems with cell phone usage, you must:

  1. Take frequent breaks from texting or scrolling phone.
  2. Improve your posture by stretching your shoulder backwards and chest forward to reduce the muscle tension.
  3. Hold your cell phone at your eye level. By this, you will not bend your head giving less stress to neck muscles.

Further, if possible minimise the usage of a cell phone by avoiding continuous chatting or texting. The texting is the prime cause of increasing strain on neck hence, giving neck troubles. Thus, opt for the measures and see the difference.

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