How Sleeping Next to The Phone Can Seriously Damage Your Health

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How Can Sleeping Next to Your Phone Could Seriously Damage Your Health

Most of us sleep with our phones right near us. Before going to bed, phone surfing is our favourite habit every night. Even if we do not use the phone before bed, we always keep it near us while sleeping. But, let us tell you clearly that, using a mobile phone before bed or keeping it near us while sleeping is extremely bad for our health. You may be thinking how right? Why not have a look at the following and know about it clearly. (Also Read: What Are The Unexpected Habits Which Boost Your Metabolism)

Your pillow may set on fire at night:
This may sound bizarre but, there are many cases appeared since the mobile phone revolution happened. This happens, because of the poor battery level and the zink present in the battery. The incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers are responsible for this issues.

It keeps you awake:
Cell phones have the digital screens which are known as blue light. This blue light can inhibit the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and disrupt our circadian rhythms. This may cause various health issues. Moreover, this light can directly affect our eyes and brain too. This is responsible for various mental issues in our life too. (Also Read: What Are The Shocking Things That Hurt Your Kidneys Unknowingly)

What Precautions can be taken?
If you really want to keep the phone near you while sleeping there are many various ways you can maintain some certain distance and better way outs.

Keep teh phone away from the body:
While sleeping, always try to keep the phone away from your head. If calling is much needed then try using a Bluetooth headset as much as possible. Moreover, send text messages instead of talking on the phone. But when you fall asleep, keep the phone in the drawer or the desk away from you.

Do not use it when the high levels of RF are there:
When the network bar is showing only 1 or 2-3 bars, you should stop using your phone. That means your signal is very weak. Furthermore, if you are in a fast-moving vehicle, you are streaming any media, you are downloading or sending large files, it can harm the fast-moving RF as well as your brain.

Take off the headset when you are not on a call:
If you have put the headset, it always releases the very thin amount of RF even when you are not on call or listening to any media. Hence, it is always better to take out the headphone from your ears so that these mild RF do not harm your brain. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Your Body Is Retaining Excessive Fluid)

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