How packaged food is actually ruining your health

How packaged food is actually ruining your health

People nowadays are busy with their hectic life and routines. As a result, they find it hard to get time to cook food. Like any other thing in like, people want their food instantly and ready to serve. This has lead to the rise of pack food demand. Packed food doesn’t take much time to get ready and it easily available as well. Every now and then we consume food items that are packed. However, we often forget about the chemicals that are included in the making of the packaged food. Regular consumption of them can lead to various health problems. So, let’s find out why packed food items are harmful to your health? (Also read:  Why the use of excessive hand sanitizer actually bad for health)

Excessive amount of sugar
Packed food items contain an excessive amount of fructose corn syrup. Its excessive consumption can lead to serious health problems. According to a research under Nation centre for biotechnology excessive sugar leads to damage in insulin resistance and high in cholesterol level. It also has a bad impact on your liver.

High amount of cholesterol
Processed food or packed food contains refined carbohydrate. Refined carbohydrate is actually really harmful to the consumers’ health. Refined carbohydrate breaks down very quickly, as a result, the insulin level shoots up really quick. It leads to the craving of carbohydrate again as the sugar level slips. All these things affect the health of the person. (Also read: Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you)

Less amount of nutrients
If you compare fresh food and packed food you will see that packed food contains less percentage of the nutrients. During processing, many essential minerals and vitamin are destroyed.

Lack of fibre
Fibre is really an essential part of the balanced diet. It feeds the helpful bacteria present in the intestines. It works as a prebiotic agent as well. The packed food contains less amount of fibre as compared to the fresh food.

It increases the craving for more
Packed food doesn’t provide the feeling of fullness that one feels after finishing a meal. It just fires up the appetite, as a result, it can lead to weight gain.  (Also read: Should you drink water before going to the bed)

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