How Much Alcohol Is Too Much For A Person

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How Much Alcohol Is Too Much For A Person

Drinking alcohol in a habitual manner can be life-threatening. There is nothing new to talk about the harmful effect of alcohol in the human body. Many of us say that a moderate limit of regular alcohol consumption is fine. Yes, many doctors also say the same. But, once this becomes a habit, the limit of drinking increases and finally harms the health badly. So, we first need to know how much alcohol is fine for a human body and how much can be harmful. (Also Read: What are the amazing uses of rubbing alcohol)

The capacity of the human bodies is not equal. There may be many people who take medicines. So, for them, the alcohol limitations will vary. Hence, keeping all these in mind, let us know that how much alcohol a human body should intake every day or at a time.

Limited drinking and health factors:
A limit of moderate drinking and a good health have a consistent connection. Researchers have observed that moderate alcohol drinkers have fewer chances to get a health attack or any types of stroke-related heart diseases. Not only this, they have stronger bones even during the older age. This is strange, but a mere truth that those who do not drink alcohol are at more risk than the moderate drinkers. However, this moderate drinking is not same for every human body. But still, a regular average amount is drinking one to two standard alcoholic drinks per day. This can be applicable for men and women both. (Also Read: Changes in your behaviour after alcohol consumption)

You may think that moderate drinking may increase the good health. That we can not comment as every human body has various capacities and immunity. So, it is better you should consult your general physician regarding this topic. If you are a regular drinker, then it is absolutely important for you to see a doctor. But here, we would like to say that, If a moderate drinker is conscious enough to eat the accurate amount of nutrients, proper physical exercises etc then it is mandatory that he would live a healthy life. On the other side, if a non-drinker is leading an unhealthy life, then it is natural he would develop health issues soon.

How much alcohol is safe for you?
So, the right amount for an average aged person would be one or two pegs in a single day. Yes, there are people who drink 3-4 pegs per day since a long time if their lifetime. But they are still fil and fine. As we have already told you that every human body is not equal. That is why these people have built their body immune to this much alcohol effect in the body.

Moreover, there are many diseases which can be reduced by drinking alcohol as its components can prevent many viruses which are creating diseases in our body. But that does not mean that regular alcohol drinking is good for our health. The best suggestion can be given by your doctor who knows how does your body react to the medicinal components. So, the level of alcohol in your body would be dependent on the level only. (Also Read: What happens to your body when you quit alcohol)

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