How long you should wash your hands

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How long you should wash your hands

To keep the body healthy, it is important to pay attention to the hygiene, that includes washing the hands. When you come out of the bathroom or touch any dirty object, it becomes important to wash your hands. Some people have the awful habit of not washing the hands before having the meals and after it. This habit ends up harming the hygiene of the person. People often undermine the importance of a thorough handwash and merely sprinkle the water on the hands. So, let’s find out more about it! (Also read: How to stay awake naturally for a longer duration)

What is the right time to clean your hands?
To get rid of the bacteria and germs the wash of the hands is an amazing way. You can maintain your hygiene and at the same time avoid spreading the germs. An antibacterial soap is great for it. According to a report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, you must wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you washed your hands lesser than that, it is the time to change.

The right way for 20 seconds hand wash:

Rub the palms
Rub the hands together and properly. Start the process the by rubbing your palms for 5 seconds. (Also read: What are the health benefits of the mango seeds)

Rub both the fingers
Simply interlock your fingers and rub them together. Use the fingers to clean each other in a push and pull motion. Do it for 5 seconds.

Scrub the nails
The nails of the hand often turn into a hiding place for germs and dirt. So, make sure that you remember to scrub your nails as well. Do it for 2.5 seconds. It will take you 5 seconds to get both hands.

Clean the thumbs
When it comes to washing the hands, people forget the thumbs. Wash the thumb using the support of the other hand and rub it for 5 seconds.  (Also read: How artificial sweeteners harm your health)

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