How Fingernails Tell About Your Bad Health

How Fingernails Tell About Your Bad Health

Our body show symptoms of certain diseases from which we may suffer in coming days. Symptoms are an alarm to stay alert from any kind of disease or illness. Among all other body parts, our fingernails have the potential to warn us about health issues from which we may suffer. There are certain changes which occur on our fingernails and signify that our health is under threat. Our fingernails can reveal some hidden medical issue too. Therefore, please find below the details on how fingernails tell us about bad health.

Upward Facing Nails:

Fingernails facing in upward direction shows the sign of less oxygen in the body. It can also signify a heart or lung disease.

Brittle Nails:

Brittle or weak nails shows the deficiency of Vitamin in the body. Therefore, intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 can help make the fingernails strong.

White Patches On Nails:

The white patches on the fingernails are the signs of extreme stress and overthinking.  Therefore, it goes away once you are less burdened.

Dark Lines In Nails:

The dark lines on the nails may signify a type of skin cancer-melanoma. However, take a consultation with the doctor before coming to any conclusion.

Yellow Nails:

Continous use of old nail paint or regular smoking can make your nail turn yellow. However, a prolonged yellowing of nails can also show symptoms of fungal infection, jaundice or psoriasis.

Blue Nails:

Blue nail or cyanosis is a condition which signifies that the body has limited supply of oxygen in the blood, often referred as hypoxemia.

Dimple On Nails:

If the surface of your nail is uneven, like forming a dimple then it may be a sign of inflammatory arthritis. This condition can also destroy the nail completely.

Beau’s Lines:

The Beau’s lines are the grooved lines formed on the sideways of the finger nails. They may look like nail ridges but are the sign of malabsorption of nutrients and also the loss of moisture in the body.

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