How does the belly button help to cure various types of ailments

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How does the belly button help to cure various types of ailments

The belly button is one of the most important spots in our body. Oiling the belly button correctly is one of the best solutions to deal with day to day ailments. Since the time of Ayurveda, it has been believed that applying the right oil near the navel can help to get rid of various infections. In fact,  belly button helps to keep the entire body moisturised. Oils like neem oil, coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree oil etc. are few natural oils which help to bring relief to your daily ailments. (Also read: How to take care of your health during weather change)

How does the belly button help to cure various types of ailments?

Apply neem oil for pimples and acne: If you are suffering from the problem of pimples and acne on your skin for a prolonged period of time, you need neem oil. Applying neem oil on the belly button helps to eradicate the acne completely. It even helps to get rid of the dark spots on the face.

Apply mustard oil for dry and rough lips: If you are embarrassed because of your chapped and dry lips then you must apply mustard oil in your belly button. You must be investing a lot in chemical products and lip balms. So, bid all of them a farewell for some time and apply mustard oil directly in your belly button. It helps to make the lips smooth. (Also read: What are the various signs that our body is not getting the right diet)

Apply coconut oil for fertility issues: Coconut oil is one of the blessings that help to deal with many problems. Daily application of coconut oil in your belly button helps to get rid of the fertility issues. It helps to improve the fertility of your body.

Apply alcohol to get rid of cold and flu: Alcohol helps to keep the body warm and cosy. Thus, applying some alcohol over the navel helps to get rid of the cold and flu infection. It even helps to get rid of the running nose in no time.

Apply butter or milk cream for soft skin: If you want to have a soft and glowing skin, you must apply butter on your belly button. It helps to get rid of dryness and nourishes the skin properly. It hence moisturises the skin properly. (Also read: Amazing tips to keep the teeth healthy)

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