How does starvation affect your body in a negative way

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How does starvation affect your body in the negative way

There can be many reasons behind starvation like following a diet plan, eating less to lose weight, dieting disorder, lack of food to eat etc. No matter what the reason might be, staying hungry and starving yourself will lead to negative impacts on your body. When you don’t consume an adequate amount of food, your body starts consuming fat stored in the body for the energy. When the stored fat in the body, finishes off, then the body starts using body muscles, tissue and other various organs for the requirement of energy, It may lead to various health issues. Starving leads to weight loss is a myth. Thus, it is essential to eat at the right time. Let’s discuss how staying hungry and starving impacts your body in a negative way. (Also read: Why do you feel dizzy or lightheaded most of the times)

How does starvation affect your body in a negative way?

Dehydration: Our body consists of 60 percent of water. If you stay hungry for a long time, then the amount of water in the body keeps declining and your body becomes dehydrated. It eventually leads to turning your skin dry, dull and lifeless. Not just this, it also reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin.

Lack of nourishment: Starving leads to lack of nourishment in the body, as you do not eat in a proportionate amount. Eventually, your body does not get all the nutrients required for energy and development. It ultimately leads to nausea, weakness, respiratory infection etc. (Also read: What is the right time to drink water)

A problem of blood pressure: Starving leads to lack of electrolytes in the body. Besides this, it also leads lack of nutrients and energy giving compounds. It impacts the blood pressure of the body. Thus, it keeps on fluctuating.

Harms the bones: When you follow a restricted diet or starving your body, then the density of your bone declines. A decline in the density of bones leads to bone loss. It eventually increases the possibility of bone fracture too.

Mental and behavioural changes: If you do not consume your food at the right time and in a proportionate manner, then it can impact your mental health. It affects your mood and your mental health. You often face mood swings. It also leads to insomnia, irritation, sadness etc. (Also read: How to get rid of laziness with some simple tricks)

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