How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health

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How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health

Air conditioners are no more a luxury, they have become a necessity of life. With temperature crossing 45 degree Celsius, it has become almost impossible to stay without an air conditioner. We work in offices where we are exposed to AC for most of the time. Not just this, even at home we want to switch on the AC first and then proceed with the rest of the things. Gradually, we don’t even realise that we can’t live without air conditioner anymore. We become addicted to a certain type of temperature and can’t bear the heat at all. We do not realise that unknowingly, we are being grabbed in a condition which is hazardous to our health. Air conditioners can provide us relief from the scorching heat for a while but they are impacting our bodies permanently. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body)

How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health?

Lack of fresh air: When we sit constantly under air conditioner for a long period of time, we are constantly depriving you of the fresh air. Sitting in an air-conditioned room means we close all the doors and windows for the fresh air to come in. All we breathe in and breathe out is the artificial gaseous air which is silently killing us.

Causes dryness: Sitting in an air-conditioned room or sleeping under air conditioner snatches away the natural moisture of our body. It leaves us in a dried state and affects our skin. Besides this, air conditioner also snatches the moisture present in the air, thus it makes our skin dry and rough. Too much exposure to air conditioner also makes the eyes dry. (Also read: What are the foods one should eat to prevent stretch marks)

Causes tiredness: Sitting and sleeping under air conditioner for too long makes us feel tired and caused fatigue. It causes a headache, lethargy, muscle contraction, laziness etc. This is why we feel lazy and sleepy everytime we are exposed to an air conditioner.

Breathing issues: Too much usage of air conditioner causes breathing issues in a person. This artificial air exposure makes the person short of breath and might lead to breathing problems as well. Besides this, a room with an air conditioner on throughout becomes a hay place for bacteria and fungi. So there is a possibility of infections as well.

Causes sick building syndrome: Too much exposure to air conditioner often causes sick building syndrome in the body. It gives us the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. The symptoms like running nose, headache, difficulty in breathing, skin allergy are some of the consequences of prolonged sleeping and sitting in an air conditioner. (Also read: What are the daily habits that increase the risk of common cold)

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