How does eating food quickly affect your health

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how does eating food quickly affect your health

It is very important to consume food for overall health. Our immune system is boosted by nutritious food and also provides adequate energy to the body. The way you eat food also affects the health. It is important to eat the food by chewing it properly so that the food is completely digested. If you don’t eat food properly then it does not get digested properly and causes stomach problems. Some people eat very quickly but this is not a good habit. This can lead to many problems related to stomach and also damage your health. (Also read:  Amazing Health Benefits of Mulberries (Shahtoot))

Let’s know how quick consumption of foods affects your health.

If you constantly burp after eating food then it is a sign for you that you have eaten food very quickly. This happens because you gulped excess air while eating food. Eat food slowly to avoid this problem, doing so will reduce the air in your stomach.

Feeling uncomfortable after eating
After eating quickly you will feel uneasy all day because your stomach is filled with air and your stomach feels to be full. Apart from this, because of not chewing food properly, big pieces of foods accumulate in the stomach that causes uneasiness. (Also read: How does coffee help you to poop daily)

Bloated stomach
Due to quick eating, the food does not break down properly.  As a result, the stomach appears to be bloated and it also causes irritation in the stomach. Apart from this quick eating also decreases the digestion power.

Problems with acid reflux:
Due to quick eating, large pieces of food are filled in the digestive tract. The stomach gets full due to which the acids are filled in the stomach. Apart from this, the problem of heartburn also occurs due to acid reflux. (Also read: How does bread consumption affects the body during diarrhoea)

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