How does Ayurveda help to treat excessive sweating

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Ayurvedic ways to treat excessive sweating

Ayurvedic ways to treat excessive sweating

You may feel embarrassed many times because of the body’s odour and sweat. Sweating is a common procedure in which excess heat comes out from the body. When our brain indicates that due to stress our temperature of the body has increased, the heat exits. Many people have problems releasing more sweat. This is called hyperhidrosis In this problem, the body produces more sweat than a normal person. It affects many organs of the body. To overcome the problem of excessive sweating, treatment in Ayurveda has been reported. There are many reasons for excessive sweating in Ayurveda. So let us tell you how the problem of excessive sweating can be overcome according to Ayurveda. (Also read: Excessive sweating: Foods to reduce excessive sweating)

Ayurvedic ways to treat excessive sweating

  • Antiperspirant Herb
  • By removing Pitta Dosh
  • Manage stress
  • Stambhan therapy

Antiperspirant Herb
Svedipanayana is a herb that helps reduce excessive sweating. These are herb antiperspirants which have cold and warm properties. This quality prevents excess sweating. Many herbs like a canopy, mastika can be eaten. These herbs can be consumed in many ways.
By removing Pitta Dosh
There is a problem of excessive sweating due to excessive Pitta Dosh. Due to bile dysfunction, indigestion, heat and body temperature increases due to which excess sweating occurs. To remove Pitta Dosh soak 10 raisins in the night and eat them after rising in the morning. Apart from this, you can consume jaggery with 1 spoon Amla powder.  (Also read: Which habits cause excessive sweating)
Manage stress
In today’s time, everyone suffers from stress, depression and fear, which causes more sweating. Every morning, do pranayama to manage stress. This makes the mind calm and tension is less. Apart from this, you can put Brahmi oil on the head too.

Stambhan therapy
When you do not know the reason for excessive sweating, then use Chandanadi taille during bathing one hour earlier. If you rub the hair on the hair follicles then it closes the sweat holes. After applying this, first, heat the hot water with cold water. It helps in making the body fresh and reducing sweat.

The excessive sweating problem can be overcome even by some Ayurvedic methods. Read this article in Hindi.

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