How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner

How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner

Engraving tattoos on the skin have become a trend these days. People are going inked on various parts of the body. Though these tattoos are considered as a style statement nowadays there are a lot of harmful effects of tattoos on the skin. They not only make you prone to skin allergy but also leads to some serious health problems. The number of people who are getting their body inked is increasing rapidly over the period of time. Some people do not stop after one or two tattoos and keep on getting another after a while. If a tattoo is done in a proper manner, it won’t lead to any complications but a slightest of mistake can cost you much. (Also read: Why should one avoid using aluminium foil to wrap food)

How do tattoos affect your skin in the worst manner?

Leaves scars: If you look at it in a broader way, a tattoo is just another name for wounds on your skin. When the skin healing is done it leads to the formation of a keloid. Keloid is a big and thick lump on the skin. Sometimes, the designing of tattoo is done in such a way that it leads to the thick lump on certain parts of the tattoo. It may form an extreme keloid on the various types of ink used. Thus, it eventually causes itching and its size may increase over time.

Leads to skin allergies: Our body may be allergic to the certain kind of inks that the tattoo maker uses. It may lead to swelling, rashes, redness and even inflammation on the skin. If it does not take place immediately, it might start bothering you after a certain point of time. It is known as a pseudolymphomatous allergic reaction. Usually, tattoos are unremovable. Thus, the impact of these inks may increase with time or may take a longer time for the healing process. (Also read: How does sleeping in a room with an air conditioner affects your health)

Blood infections: What is a tattoo in actual sense? It is a designing on the skin done with the help of a needle. Infected needles can lead to a lot of trouble for the body. It increases the risk of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C etc. There will not be any visible symptoms soon, but it might make you uneasy. You will have to undergo blood tests for the same. Make sure you use fresh needles and the studio is clean and hygienic as well.

Besides the above-mentioned problems, infections like skin itching, blood poisoning etc. are some short-term reactions of tattoos on the skin. (Also read: What are the signs suggesting a blood clot in your body)

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