How Black Salt Is Extremely Important And Good For Your Health

How Black Salt Is Extremely Important And Good For Your Health

Salt is the most important ingredient of our daily diet and no food is complete without it and is tasty. But the white salt we eat which is highly advertised in the name of health benefits is actually a host to a lot of health issues like high blood pressure, paralysis, impotence, etc. So, what is the alternative you can have without loosing out the basic requirements? The best option is the Black salt which is normally used just for garnishing salads and dishes but actually, it is a lot more beneficial than that. Following are some of the health benefits of black salt over white salt. [Also Read: How does Magnesium help us to sleep better]

Best Alternative To Sea Salt: The common iodized salt or sea salt is not as beneficial for health as it is promoted. Due to the presence of potassium iodate and aluminium silicate, it caused a lot of serious health issues. The black salt on other hand is a good source of iron and a unique component of sodium. Thus, being much beneficial for health.

Helpful To Various Health Problems: Many stomach related issues like gastritis and bloating are treated by Black salt. It is a key ingredient in many medicines for these issues. [Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Ginger-Honey Tonic]

Controls Diabetes And Cholesterol: Black salt helps in thinning o the blood. Hence, it maintains a regular blood flow in the body, hence reducing high cholesterol and blocking. Black salt is also very helpful in maintaining the blood sugar level in the body.

Good For Hair And Skin Health: Just add some black salt to your bathing water regularly and you will see the glow on your skin and other skin related issues fading away. Black salt also helps in reducing thinning hair, split ends and har fall. Just add a pinch of salt with some tomato juice and drink daily.

Muscle Relaxer: Soak your feet for some time in the warm water with some black salt in it. All your tiredness and muscle tear will go away in just a few minutes. Potassium present in Black salt helps in muscle relaxing and is also good to maintain calcium level in bones. [Also Read: Consumption of raw foods is beneficial for health]

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